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Pasadena Christian School is a one-stop-shop for families looking for programs from preschool to entering 8th grade.  Whether you are looking to sharpen your academics, visit local fun zones to beat the summer heat, or if you want to learn a new instrument, play a sport, or just have fun, Pasadena Christian School is offering something for everyone.  All programs are available to PCS and Non-PCS families.  It's also a great way for new students to make friends and get to know the campus.

Fun In The Sun with Big Yellow House (entering 1st - 8th grade)

If summer fun is what you are looking for, then “Fun In The Sun” by Big Yellow House (BYH) is the program for you.  Field trips and fun hands-on activities make this program the first pick for many returning families.

To register for Fun In The Sun, click here.

Fun In The Sun (Preschool)

Your little ones will enjoy a summer filled with adventure in our nurturing, safe, and dynamic environment. Our amazing teachers will provide a stable routine that balances ample free play with fun and engaging scheduled activities. 

To register for Preschool Fun In The Sun, click here.

Kinder Camp (entering TK & Kinder)

Our Kinder Camp program is designed to help students transition from the wonderful world of preschool to their exciting new adventure in elementary school. Kinder Camp helps students build confidence as they enjoy the “big” campus.

To register for Preschool Kinder Camp, click here.

Stepping Up (entering 1st through 6th grade)

Experienced and credentialed teachers provide differentiated instruction to strengthen fundamentals to help students get ready for the next school year.  

Students entering grades 1-6 can sharpen their math, writing, and reading skills.  “Stepping Up” for grades 1-6 is a half-day morning program (9 am-12 pm), and can be paired with our “Fun In The Sun” program at Big Yellow House for a full day of summer activities! 

To register for Stepping Up, click here.

Cougar Sports Camps (entering 5th - 8th grade)

The 25th Annual Cougar Sports Camp anticipates an outstanding summer of sharpening individual skills.  Campers will enjoy sports play and competing for trophies and prizes in a variety of individual and team competitions.  It's a great opportunity for rising fifth graders to eighth graders to learn and improve their game. 

To register for Cougar Sports Camps, click here.

Summer Music Academy (entering 1st - 8th grade)

Music is in the summer air at PCS!  The Summer Music Academy is a popular program for students interested in piano, strings (including guitar), and band (brass & woodwind).  Dr. Gene Chung, the instrumental instructor at PCS, offers small group instruction with music theory.

To register for the Summer Music Academy, click here.