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Our Elementary Campus - A Place For Learning and Growing

From TK to 8th grade, our students enjoy interacting with engaging teachers and life-long friends on a nine and half acre campus.  Whether students attend elementary from the PCS preschool, or come to the program from another school, each is greeted and welcomed into a friendly community.

PCS traditionally has two classrooms for each grade and that averages 18 students per class.  With teachers and teaching aides, the ratio for learning provides students an opportunity to be heard, understood, and cared for.

Standardized testing begins in third grade with results consistently above national grade level.  You can see our most recent scores here.

Bible is a core subject in every classroom.  Students learn life-applicable lessons and memorize scripture to enhance their growth.  PCS seeks partnership with parents so that students learn how faith is explored in their own family traditions.  With over 100 churches represented by our students, we enjoy Christian diversity on our campus.  Furthermore, character development and compassion is taught and modeled by teachers and staff.