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The Tech Page for PCS Classrooms links students and teachers to our digital resources. 

Upon enrollment, students are issued their usernames and passwords.

Check Daily:



 Holt McDougal 6-8 English 

 McGraw Hill 2-8 Social Studies & History 

 Mystery Science 1-4 Science  teachers only

 Seesaw TK-2 code, scan, or Google log in

 STEMscopes 6-8 Science 

 Superkids TK-K Reading  

 TCI Science Alive! K-3 & 5 Science   teachers only log in 

 ThinkCentral K-6 Math, 1-5 Reading district: Private School

Other Resources:

 123Apps tools for audio, video, PDF

 BrainPOP Jr. K-3   BrainPOP 4-8   BrainPOP Educators 
teacher gives code or use studentpcs & generic student password  Hour Of Code activities

 Curriculum Trak teachers only

 Epic! Reading  Ka qej0614  Kb iwc8506  1a nry2782  1b wcr2284  2a xkw9318  2b cdz2251   

 FACTS district code: pcs-ca

 Google Earth 

 Interland more digital citizenship: Digital Passport & Digital Compass 

 Josten's Yearbook Avenue Job #10947

 Khan Academy sign up with PCS email account

 Kids A-Z (Vocabulary A-Z) teachers 1-5 provide login info

 Library Catalog by Follett PCS library catalog, email to renew

 Magnus Health App parents only, support 877-461-6831

 Multimedia Services from LACOE CA Streaming, Britannica Encyclopedia
use studentpcs & generic student password   Teachers use: PCS email

 Prodigy Math  students log in or sign up with PCS Google account  Teachers log in 
1a 2DF7F85  1b 48937BF  2a 344AF62  2b 8FA1E81  3a 18D5177  3b 152FA4  6b C7E122 

 Renaissance Learning - Accelerated Reader & STAR   AR Book Finder   Home Connect  

 Scholastic Let's Find Out K teachers provide code

 Scratch Programming    Scratch Lab 

 SketchUp for Schools Google sign-in

 TypingClub   10 Fast Fingers   TypingTest 

 My ZB Portal  1-2 Handwriting 

 Zoom Parents: create account for use by your child, using student PCS email account & parent birthday