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Objective of Christian Education


Spiritual Life Growth

Pasadena Christian School aims to lead the student:

to know that God is the Creator and sustainer of all things. To accept His Son, Jesus Christ, as Lord and Savior, and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit as a guide for holy living

to believe that the Bible is the Word of God, foundation for our faith, and that God will speak to us through it

to turn to God in belief through prayer, listening when He speaks, and growing in personal and public prayer ministry

to grow in being doers of the Word, accepting Christian standards and ideals as a basis for choices, and becoming interested and active in a variety of Christian service opportunities

to adopt a world view that includes seeing truth, reality, and ethics from a Biblical perspective

Intellectual Competence

Our aim is to lead each student to:

develop necessary skills in reading, writing, speaking, math and computer technology

develop knowledge of science and social science

develop effective work and study skills

develop critical thinking skills

Personal Development

We seek to build positive self-concepts in students by:

increasing an understanding of their physical/mental competencies

encouraging the acceptance of mistakes as part of the learning process, and assuming responsibility for his or her actions

developing an understanding of independence, freedom and initiative

developing a willingness to have God live out His ways in and through us

developing Godly ethical behavior which grows out of a pure heart and mind as exhibited by: honesty, courage, fair play, courtesy, clean thoughts and language, and respect for another person, rights and property


We strive to have each student:

demonstrate sensitivity to the similarities and differences of others

develop abilities to work productively in group settings

demonstrate obedience and respect for those in authority to achieve optimal group goals

identify with Christian ethics and values in all situations

Cultural Heritage

Our aim is to teach students:

the history and culture of the United States

to understand and value the privilege of being a free citizen

to recognize the variety of cultures that have contributed to American society

to appreciate our country through literature, mathematics, the arts, sciences, and history

an awareness and appreciation of cultures other than our own

an awareness of past and current problems that face our nation and world

to appreciate the heritage that is theirs as "Children of Christ" and heirs to His throne 


Philosophy of Christian Education

Goal of Education

Working in cooperation with parents, the goal of Pasadena Christian School is to provide a high-quality, Christian education based on biblical values and principles. The school will ensure that the salvation message is presented to and understood by each child. This education will provide the foundation upon which future Christian service and ministry is built.

Nature of the Learner

Each child is a unique spiritual being created in the image of God. However, each is separated from God by his or her sin nature and actions. God desires a specific response to Himself as outlined in the Bible. The student has the rational capability to choose whether or not he or she will adhere to God’s laws.

Nature of the Learning Process

The school will provide content and skills in a sequence that is developmentally appropriate. As learning only takes place through motivation and goal setting, we will focus on moving students from external motivation toward internal motivation, as well as providing high but attainable goals at all age levels.

Role of the Teacher

Our teachers are responsible for understanding their students, recognizing their unique characteristics, and implementing a variety of techniques to suit individual needs. Every teacher is expected to demonstrate warm, fair, considerate, and appropriate behavior toward their students. They will challenge their students academically, socially and spiritually by modeling moral maturity and the characteristics of Christ through personal relationships. Finally, they will teach their students to examine facts, evaluate concepts, and draw conclusions.

Selection/Scope/Sequence of the Subject Matter

Curriculum materials used in our classroom will present the content necessary for our students to sequentially develop the skills needed to become proficient in all subject areas. Selected materials support the Scope and Sequence we have developed. Although the curriculum may present secular concepts to the student, instruction will include teaching the child how to screen these through Biblical truth.