Registration Fee

Registration fees are charged for each enrolled student as follows:
K-8: $450 if paid by May 1, 2014, $550 if paid after May 1, 2014


Preschool: $250 if paid by May 1, 2014, $350 if paid after May 1, 2014

 Facilities Fee

The facilities fee is charged for each school family at a rate of $350.  The fees will be used
to upgrade and maintain the school's buildings and campus.

School Year Tuition Rates 

Families with more than one child enrolled at Pasadena Christian School will receive a 10% discount for second child, 20% for third child and 30% for four or more children. The rates per student for the 2014-2015 school year are as follows: 

Annual tuition rates per student for 2014-2015
First Child
10% 2nd Child 20% 3rd Child 30% 4th or More
Eighth Grade $11,740


$9,392 $8,218
East Coast Tour $2,300 $2,300 $2,300 $2,300
Total $14,040 $12,866 $11,692 $10,518
Seventh Grade


$9,392 $8,216
Kindergarten thru Sixth
$9,468 $8,416 $7,364
Preschool -5 day
$10,620 $9,440 $8,260
Preschool -3 day $7460 $6,714 $5,968 $5,222
Preschool -2 day $5270 $4,743 $4,216 $3,689


MVP Deposit

The MVP Program is PCS’ service hour program.  Pasadena Christian School relies on its Many Valuable Parents (MVP) to enhance and enrich our children’s educational experience by providing assistance to our teachers and staff and by creating a sense of community through various events.  MVP provides support for school activities and promotes parent involvement. 

The MVP yearly requirement is 20 hours per family (K-8) or 10 hours for preschool and single parent families.  In addition to the hours, we require PCS families to register their grocery/retail rewards cards (Vons, Ralphs, or Target REDcard) to benefit PCS.  Because reward card registration is an easy and free way to raise funds for our school, it is a mandatory requirement for all PCS families.  If the MVP commitment is not completed by the end of the school year, a fee will be charged to the family account.