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DeepRoots Textbooks 
1-5 Bible
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eHarcourt School

eHarcourt School Textbooks
K-6 Social Studies
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Holt McDougal Online

Holt McDougal Textbooks
7-8 Math & History, 6-8 Language Arts

Individual student login
Flash must be enabled, runs better in Firefox than in Chrome
Click "Premium Student" tab to download 7th grade history (no 8th grade book available)

Superkids Reading Textbooks
TK-K Reading
Teacher provides login info

TCI Science Alive! Textbooks
K-6 Science
Teacher provides login info
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ThinkCentral Textbooks
K-6 Math, 1-6 Reading, 7 Science
District: Private School
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Other Resources


BrainPop Jr. (K-3)   BrainPop (4-8)   BrainPop GameUp   BrainPop Español
Use schoolwide login unless teacher specifies individual student login class code)
BrainPop Educators (for teachers only)
For Hour of Code activities, go to Code Studio

Common Sense Media
Digital citizenship and media resources for parents, students, and educators
CurriculumTrak Curriculum Trak (Teachers only)
Use email address
Digital Compass (Get and allow Flash)
Digital citizenship for grades 6-9
Digital Passport Digital Passport (Use Firefox and enable Flash)
Digital citizinship grades 3-8
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Edublogs for Passport to Adventure Summer 2017
Link to summer school blog

Under construction...

G Suite Google Gmail & Google G Suite
Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slide, Drawing, Maps
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Google Classroom
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Google Earth Web
Desktop version does more, download here

Hoonuit (formerly Atomic Learning)
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Subscription allows use by student household

Interland - Digital Citizenship
No login required, just start playing

Josten's Yearbook Avenue
Job #10947
Khan Academy

Khan Academy Educational Tutorials
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Kodable Programming
Ka   Kb   1a   1b   2a   2b   3a   3b   4a   4b   5a   5b  

Library Catalog by Follett Destiny
See what is available for checkout from the PCS library
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Create mind maps... log in from the Google "waffle"

Create signs, newsletters, brochures... log in from the Google "waffle"
Digital citizenship games for students and resources for families & educators


Online Math & Language Curriculum
MediaSnap Multimedia Services from LACOE
California Streaming, Grolier Online Encyclopedia, more
Students: Use the schoolwide login
Teachers: Use email address
Digital citizenship resources for parents, students, educators, law enforcement from National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
Renaissance Place Home Connect

Renaissance Home Connect
See your Accelerated Reader history receive email when a quiz is completed 
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Renaissance Place logo Renaissance Learning (AR & STAR Testing)
Individual student login
Only available on PCS campus
AR Book Finder

Renaissance Learning AR Book Finder
See AR book info. This is not a list of PCS library books

ParentsWeb RenWeb Parent & Student Access
District code: pcs-ca, specify parent or student under login
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RenWeb 1 (Admin & Faculty)
District code: pcs-ca
Log in using email address
Scratch Scratch
Programming grades 2-8
Use individual student login

Volunteering opportunites at PCS
Questions? Email
Skoolbo Skoolbo
Teacher provides login info, school code: CA3733ZL
Download the app for the best experience

Spelling City

Spelling City
Grades 1-6
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Tablet app doesn't have all activities that are available on website


Grades 2-8
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10fastfingers logo Typing Speed: 10 Fast Fingers
Measure your keyboarding speed in one minute
World Book Online logo

World Book Online
Encyclopedia (Student, Kids), Timeline, eBooks, Spanish
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World Book Online Encyclopedia - Mobile Edition
Optimized for mobile device screens
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XtraMath XtraMath Arithmetic Practice
3a: PUDFE7TU     3b: 3KRNGJAA
Teacher provides login info