Process for Student Support


An administrator, classroom teacher or parent may express concern for a student's academic, social or emotional needs by contacting the Emerging Needs Coordinator.

Parents may submit the Emerging Needs Parent Request Form to request support or intervention for their child. 

After the parent or teacher submits the request form, the Emerging Needs Coordinator will contact the parent or teacher to discuss possible professionals or organizations from the Support Services and address their concerns.

Once the parent has chosen a professional or organization to support their child, continue to update the Emerging Needs Coordinator with the progress on evaluations or names of professionals offering support.

After support services are arranged, the Emerging Needs Coordinator will convene a meeting for the Student Evaluation Team.

Some possible discussion topics during an initial Student Evaluation Team meeting are:

  • The specific concerns related to the student
  • Strategies that may prove beneficial both at home and school
  • Classroom accommodations or modifications for the student
  • Set goals to be met by the student and family
  • Determine an agreeable means of routinely communicating progress towards set goals or lack of progress to parents.
  • Following the SET meeting with signed documentation from the parents, the educational plan will begin in the student's classroom. The plan will detail strategies, timelines, accommodations and modifications

Regular classroom visits will be made by the Emerging Needs Coordinator to assess the student's progress and confirm that the accommodations/modifications are sufficient for the student to meet his/her potential.

The Student Evaluation Team will reconvene annually or as necessary to discuss the student's progress towards meeting the agreed upon SET goals.


If you have any questions regarding the Emerging Needs Program, please contact Vikki Mele, Emerging Needs Coordinator at (626) 791-1214, at extension 277 or send email to