Welcome to Pasadena Christian Preschool


“Shaping Hearts and Minds For Life” is the motto we embrace at Pasadena Christian Preschool. We believe that it takes a community to shape a child into the work of art God intended him to be.


At Pasadena Christian Preschool, childhood is embraced, curiosity is valued, children are cherished, and learning is an adventure. Each child is recognized as one of God’s unique creations. At our school, children gain a sense of comfort and belonging because they are nurtured and loved by a highly experienced and caring staff.


Our environment and routines are skillfully planned to facilitate development and stimulate a love for learning.  A balanced daily schedule provides security and routine. Periods of directed learning promote focus and attention, while ample opportunities for individual choice strengthen independence, decision making, and planning abilities. In addition, we arm our students with the ever-necessary 21st century skills of creative thinking, cooperative learning, public speaking, and problem solving. As our children explore relationships and make investigations across the domains of learning, they strengthen fundamental cognitive, physical, emotional, behavioral and social skills, and they grow as individuals.


Explorations in language & literacy, Biblical studies, Christian values, social relationships, self-management, science, discovery, and math are strategically embedded into our daily curriculum. Learning becomes an adventure as the children learn through songs, stories, drawing, writing and free play. Our hands-on approach to learning allows children to investigate an array of curricular activities that fully engage their senses and stimulate their minds. Our expansive outdoor classroom, enrichment patios, and art studio further benefit our children by providing a new range of meaningful experiences for them to explore.


As children make their way through our program, they are slowly transitioning from the beginning stages of development to being socially, emotionally, and academically prepared for an academic kindergarten environment. We work diligently to equip our students with the skills they need for success today and for the rigors that will face them tomorrow. We work hand-in-hand with the elementary teachers at Pasadena Christian School to ensure kindergarten readiness. Our pre-kindergarten and summer Kindergarten Transition Program (KTP) hone the specific skills that are required for entrance into elementary school. Integrated Biblical teachings and Christian values spiritually prepare our students and encourage them to seek His presence in all things. Our goal for our students is that they not only cope, but thrive, when they leave our school for their next life journey.

“Train a child in the way he should go…when he is old, he shall not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6