Preschool Admissions


General Statement

Pasadena Christian Preschool honors families and understands how difficult it is to be faced with decisions about childcare. In our world, it increasingly becomes more difficult to provide for a family on one income. Those of us, like teachers, who serve our community, may be among the many who struggle to provide our children with a quality experience throughout. Many parents seem to be able to mix and match care for the hours needed but at the expense of consistency and quality. Our program reflects the need in our community for quality full-time care with parent’s choice of flexible pick-up times.

Children are admitted to Pasadena Christian Preschool on a first-come, first-served basis. We will strive to fill the full-week spaces first then part-week spaces as designated in each class. Our acceptance policy follows guidelines provided by PCS. This includes the prerequisite signing of the “Statement of Faith” to acknowledge to the preschool staff that parents are aware of the Christian basis of our teaching in the classroom.

Continuing (returning) students are guaranteed spaces in the appropriate older classes. Applications thereafter are considered in this order:

• Children of PCS Employees
• Siblings of continuing students or siblings of PCS students
• Siblings of alumni
• Children of alumni
• Children on previous year waitlist
• New applicants

Age limits, gender and teacher recommendations are all taken into consideration when determining the order of admittance.


Immunization Requirements

All children and parents who plan to participate occasionally in class are required to have tuberculosis (TB) tests upon registration of school. Proof thereof before the first day of school is mandatory.  All immunization records, including TB test results, are kept in the child’s file for inspection by health officials. A child will not be allowed to attend class until the school has received the following immunization records. TB tests are valid for three years.  In addition, Pasadena Christian Preschool also urges parents to have their children immunized for chicken pox. It is also advisable for parents to consider measles vaccinations. 

Children’s Immunization Requirements

If your family has personal or religious beliefs that prevent your children from being immunized, you must contact the Director before the first day of class and submit appropriate forms.

All requirements of the Department of Social Services and the California Department of Health Services must be submitted before children can attend classes.

All preschool children must have the following vaccines to enter preschool:

Age Upon Entry                                  Total Vaccine Doses Required

24 mo. - 4 years 11 mo.                                            Polio (OPV).... 3 doses
                                                                                  DTP/DT.... 4 doses
                                                                                  Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR) 1 dose
                                                                                  on or after their first birthday
                                                                                  (recommended at 15 months)
                                                                                  HIB vaccine …. 1 dose
                                                                                  Hepatitis B.... 3 doses
                                                                                  TB test
                                                                                  Chicken Pox Varicella

If the child has a temporary exemption to immunization, we must receive written notice from their doctor before the child can attend class.  When under exempt status, parents may be required to keep healthy children home when the center experiences reports of community epidemic.  This is for the safety of the exempt child.

In cases where a child has special health conditions, the staff will need to consult with the child’s physician before admission is approved just to make sure we have the skills to best serve the child’s needs.

Accommodations at snack and lunch for food allergies can usually be worked out on an individual basis. If parents of children with food allergy wish to pack a special snack as a substitute for the snack that is on our preschool menu, we would suggest that the parent alert the teaching team on a daily basis and we would be happy to serve what you have prepared.  For lunch parents may either bring lunch or order hot lunch from Only Place in Town by filling out the hot lunch forms.

Our teachers post all food allergy restrictions as an alert directly to the tabletops in each classroom where we will be serving children to ensure that anyone entering the classroom environment will be aware of children’s special needs.  In this way, parents can be sure that we protect those children with food allergy conditions.