Spiritual Life Growth

Pasadena Christian School aims to lead the student:

  • to know that God is the Creator and sustainer of all things. To accept His Son, Jesus Christ, as Lord and Savior, and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit as a guide for holy living
  • to believe that the Bible is the Word of God, foundation for our faith, and that God will speak to us through it
  • to turn to God in belief through prayer, listening when He speaks, and growing in personal and public prayer ministry
  • to grow in being doers of the Word, accepting Christian standards and ideals as a basis for choices, and becoming interested and active in a variety of Christian service opportunities
  • to adopt a world view that includes seeing truth, reality, and ethics from a Biblical perspective

Intellectual Competence

Our aim is to lead each student to:

  • develop necessary skills in reading, writing, speaking, math and computer technology
  • develop knowledge of science and social science
  • develop effective work and study skills
  • develop critical thinking skills

Personal Development

We seek to build positive self-concepts in students by:

  • increasing an understanding of their physical/mental competencies
  • encouraging the acceptance of mistakes as part of the learning process, and assuming responsibility for his or her actions
  • developing an understanding of independence, freedom and initiative
  • developing a willingness to have God live out His ways in and through us
  • developing Godly ethical behavior which grows out of a pure heart and mind as exhibited by: honesty, courage, fair play, courtesy, clean thoughts and language, and respect for another person, rights and property


We strive to have each student:

  • demonstrate sensitivity to the similarities and differences of others
  • develop abilities to work productively in group settings
  • demonstrate obedience and respect for those in authority to achieve optimal group goals
  • identify with Christian ethics and values in all situations

Cultural Heritage

Our aim is to teach students:

  • the history and culture of the United States
  • to understand and value the privilege of being a free citizen
  • to recognize the variety of cultures that have contributed to American society
  • to appreciate our country through literature, mathematics, the arts, sciences, and history
  • an awareness and appreciation of cultures other than our own
  • an awareness of past and current problems that face our nation and world
  • to appreciate the heritage that is theirs as "Children of Christ" and heirs to His throne