Philosophy of Christian Education


Goal of Education

Working in cooperation with parents, the goal of Pasadena Christian School is to provide a high quality, Christian education based on biblical values and principles. The school will ensure that the salvation message is presented to and understood by each child. This education will provide the foundation upon which future Christian service and ministry is built.

Nature of the Learner

Each child is a unique spiritual being created in the image of God. However, each is separated from God by his or her sin nature and actions. God desires a specific response to Himself as outlined in the Bible. The student has the rational capability to choose whether or not he or she will adhere to God’s laws.

Nature of the Learning Process

The school will provide content and skills in a sequence that is developmentally appropriate. As learning only takes place through motivation and goal setting, we will focus on moving students from external motivation toward internal motivation, as well as providing high but attainable goals at all age levels.

Role of the Teacher

Our teachers are responsible for understanding their student, recognizing their unique characteristics, and implementing a variety of techniques to suit individual needs. Every teacher is expected to demonstrate warm, fair, considerate, and appropriate behavior toward their students. They will challenge their students academically, socially and spiritually by modeling moral maturity and the characteristics of Christ through personal relationships. Finally, they will teach their students to examine facts, evaluate concepts, and draw conclusions.

Selection/Scope/Sequence of the Subject Matter

Curriculum materials used in our classroom will present the content necessary for our students to sequentially develop the skills needed to become proficient in all subject areas. Selected materials support the Scope and Sequence we have developed. Although the curriculum may present secular concepts to the student, instruction will include teaching the child how to screen these through Biblical truth.