School Governance and Leadership

Pasadena Christian School is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization operated by the Pasadena Christian School Association. The PCS Association is comprised of all of the parents and guardians who have currently enrolled students at the school.  The Association represents many denominations with a like-minded concern for maintaining a school in Pasadena which provides thorough scholarship in a Christian atmosphere.  The Association is responsible for electing the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors, elected by the Association, is responsible for the stratigic planning of the school.  The Board oversees and supports the leadership of the Head of School.  Directors are selected for a three-year term. The Board is comprised of Christian businessmen, pastors and parents. By this means the program of the school cooperates closely with Christian homes and churches. The leadership provides well-rounded spiritual, administrative and practical counsel.

The Head of School  is responsible to provide leadership for the administrative team which includes the Principals, Dean of Students, Admissions Director, Development Director, Extended Care Director, Director of Student Activities and the CFO.  School Principals are responsible for the supervision of teachers and educational assistants.  Each administrative leader holds responsibilities within their department.

Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) provides leadership for parent involvement.  PTF is an active organization that is reponsible for annual events, teacher and staff support, and fellowship opportunities for the Association.