Pasadena Christian School offers academic excellence backed by a broad range of campus facilities and features not available elsewhere.  

Over the decades, Pasadena Christian has evolved and grown much like the thousands of students that passed through its halls.  2010 saw the completion of new Junior High facilities and refurbisment of the Administation building.  In 2002, the Fritz B. Burns  Library and Media Center was completed.

Today, the nine acre campus is part digital and analog, high tech and high touch,  fiber optics and wood shop.  Combined, the many features of our campus add up to our own special recipe of educational magic.  Take a look at some of our favorites and you will see for yourself.

Fritz B. Burns Library & Media Center
Fritz B. Burns Library & Media Center
Pasadena Christian School- PreSchool facilities
Main Entrance
Gladys C. Burns Junior High Building


Located in Northwest Pasadena, a multi-cultural community, PCS’s student population mirrors the local population in its ethnic diversity. We strive to be a positive force and significant anchor in the community. For example, The Fritz Burns Library/Media Center allows PCS to reach beyond our own campus and into the community. The Center has been used as a meeting place for the local neighborhood association, a summer reading program open to the public, and other events that connect PCS to the community.


Computer Lab features a full-time computer teacher, 40 Windows desktop computers, color laser printer, LCD projector, 3 flatbed scanners, lab pack of digital cameras, ability to screencast instruction to all students simultaneously, and high-speed Internet access. 

  • Classroom teachers enhance traditional instruction with the use of computers, LCD projectors, document cameras, interactive whiteboards, large-screen LCD TVs, DVD players, and high-speed Internet access.
  • Library skills are taught with the inclusion of 16 Windows desktop computers, network laser printer, LCD projector, ability to screencast instruction to all students simultaneously, and high-speed Internet access.
  • Student Services features 5 Windows desktop workstations, network laser printer, LCD projector, noise-cancelling headphones, high-speed Internet access.

Campus-wide high-speed Internet, wireless cloud, subscription to Atomic Learning (students and parents may avail themselves of this), web-based Haiku LMS, Accelerated Reader program, BrainPop/BrainPop Jr.